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The “Inspired to Be…” book series seeks to amplify positive narratives of Black people and inspire children. The stories in these books are inspired by real people, so children can say: "if they can do that, then so can I". The messages are universal so that all children, regardless of race, can enjoy and relate to them. Finally, these books are written in rhyme and use repetition so that children can enjoy reading them and remember the important messages in them.

"Sparkle Ghetty Becomes a Problem Solver!"

Inspire Curiosity and Problem-Solving
"Sparkle Ghetty Becomes a Problem Solver!" is perfect for sparking a love of learning and problem-solving in your child. Follow Sparkle as she embarks on adventures that challenge her to think creatively and find solutions. This book is an excellent way to encourage curiosity and resilience in young readers.

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"Too Young to What?"

Empower Young Changemakers
"Too Young to What?" introduces children to real-life young achievers who made significant impacts despite their age. This inspiring book encourages kids to believe that they, too, can make a difference, empowering them to take action and pursue their dreams.

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About Crystel Patterson

Crystel Patterson is a passionate author and speaker dedicated to inspiring young minds. Her books aim to spread Black inspiration to all children, encouraging them to dream big and achieve greatness. Learn more about Crystel’s journey and mission on our About Page

"I Am Different"

Celebrate Diversity and Self-Identity
"I Am Different" helps children embrace their unique qualities and celebrate diversity. This book fosters self-acceptance and pride in one’s individuality, making it an essential read for promoting positive self-esteem and understanding of others.

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Don't be afraid of problems

...with creativity and an open mind, you can solve them.

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Superheroes look like you

...just look around, and you'll see them everywhere.

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Reach for the stars can do anything you set your mind to.

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Dream big, no matter your age

...never let your age stop you from doing amazing things.

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You are perfectly different

...and different is cool!

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"Crystel's storytelling brought her characters to life, captivating and inspiring our students."

Rosie Viera

Library Technician

"Working with Crystel Patterson was a breeze. Her books teach our students about persistence and believing in themselves."

Kavitha Senthil

Dean of Instruction for TK-2